Are you in need of auto service near Memphis? At Wolfchase Toyota, we specialize in quick, convenient, and professional auto service on Toyota vehicles. Regardless of what model you have or when it's from, we have the experience to properly maintain it. From oil changes and tire rotations to transmission repairs and other major components, we do it all. You can easily schedule a service appointment online or over the phone. You can also visit our service center for Toyota Express Maintenance without an appointment.

Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep your vehicle performing at the highest level is through routine maintenance. Rather than address larger issues when the arise, routine maintenance helps keep everything working correctly. One of the most important routine services is an oil change. Getting your oil changed keeps your engine clean and working at the high level you need it to. Motor oil collects the dirt and debris that's sucked into your engine, keeping it clean. When you don't change it though, it will start to wear your engine. It also prevents the oil from lubricating and cooling your engine. That's why you should change your oil according to your owner's manual's service schedule.

Winter Maintenance

The winter can cause a lot of stress on your vehicle. That's why it's important to have your vehicle winterized. We offer professional winter auto maintenance to help your vehicle achieve peak performance in the colder months. We can also change your windshield wipers, so you can take on any weather. Other important winter services include checking your tires, lights, brakes, fluids, and more.

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