Spring Car Service Maintenance Recommendations

Why Should I Get My Vehicle Serviced in the Spring?

This year has been different than any other year for your vehicle. With lockdowns across the country and many of us working from home, your vehicle probably didn't get enough use. After sitting for a long time, it's important to address some issues to get your vehicle back to peak performance. Winter driving also sees a lot of weather and road factors contributing to your vehicle's health. Potholes and road salt can damage different areas of your vehicle. That's why we're here to help you return your vehicle to day-one condition again.From checking your tires and brakes to changing your oil and filters, we'll get your vehicle back to like-new condition.

What Kind of Spring Servicing Do We Offer?

Oil and Oil Filter Changes

Driving in the winter can take a toll on your motor oil. The cold weather can make your motor oil thicker. Also dirt and other pollutants on the road can make your motor oil dirty. Your motor oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. That's why we suggest getting your oil changed in the spring to ensure your engine's protected throughout the summer.

Check Your Tires

You should always pay attention to the condition of your tires, but even more so after the winter. Your front tires will wear down faster than your rear tires do because they're the ones that steer. That's why we encourage a tire rotation after the winter. This ensures that your tires are performing at the highest level and you can continue using them for longer.

Check the Brakes

Whether you haven't been driving much or you've been driving a lot, it's important to check your brakes. Brakes, when inactive, can rust. When used too much, the brake pads can wear down and begin to damage other parts of the brake system. That's why we suggest getting your brakes checked in the spring. If you hear a squeaking or squealing noise come from your brakes, your brake pads need to be replaced. If you don't, it can affect the rotors, drums, calipers, and more. Avoid costly repairs and get your brakes checked today.

Check Your Battery

If you haven't been using your vehicle as much in the winter, your battery could have lost charge. If you have a low or dead battery, your vehicle won't start. Instead of waiting until your battery dies, we encourage you to engage in preventative maintenance. We can check the battery voltage and ensure that your battery has enough charge to make it through the summer.

Change Vehicle Fluids

After a long winter, the fluids in your vehicle could be low or dirty. We can check them all and flush out the fluids then replace them with the proper amount of clean fluid.

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