Are Toyota vehicles reliable?

Buying a car is a big commitment. You are purchasing, or leasing, your primary mode of transportation for the next seven-to-15 years. You want to know the vehicle you choose will last as long as you want it, and not before you're done with it. For generations, Collierville drivers have flocked to the #1 new car volume dealer in Memphis because they trust the new vehicle inventory at Wolfchase Toyota.

Trust Toyota's QDR In Your Search

Toyota has long been considered one of the most reliable vehicles available for Cordova and Memphis drivers. It all boils down to the Toyota QDR. It stands for Quality, Durability, and Reliability. It is the basis of how Toyota does business. It is essentially the DNA that makes up the Toyota brand. Toyota aims to build the perfect "failure-proof" car. Your vehicle is a part of the family, more than just a tool to get you around town. You need to know your Toyota will be there for you when you need it most. It is a promise of years of trouble-free vehicle ownership.

Every Toyota vehicle goes through heavy scrutiny while it is still on the production line. Any issues are addressed before it even leaves the factory. Equipment flaws or imperfections don't find their way to Wolfchase Toyota in Cordova, because they get fixed on the line. You won't see that with any other automaker. This personal touch and eye for detail is what makes Toyota the most reliable car on the road.

But there is more to Toyota reliability than that. What else makes Toyota vehicles a dependable decision?

  • Simplicity with Model Updates and Refresh
  • No Compromise When It Comes to Quality
  • Fewer Unscheduled Trips for Repairs
  • Lower Maintenance Costs on Average

Let's break down that final category. The Reliability Rating from Repair Pal surveyed Toyota models and determined owning a Toyota costs a driver an average of $441 in annual repair costs. All other models average out to about $652 per year. This goes back to the production line, where nothing gets past the experts who build and design your favorite Toyota models. That includes parts and labor for unscheduled maintenance visits. A more reliable vehicle will cost you less out-of-pocket in repairs.

You should never have to worry if your vehicle is going to last or wonder if it will get you where you want to go. Trust a Toyota from Wolfchase Toyota in Cordova as you search for a reliable vehicle for your family. Talk to our team to learn more about what makes a Toyota the right choice for you.

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